A Better Way of Recruiting

There is no substitute for hard work.
— Thomas Edison

What I Do....

Permanent Placement Search Solutions

 At NAS I know Client Managers spend a considerable amount of time understanding not only open positions, but also corporate culture, management style, and growth paths. That’s why I have tailored an approach to be one dedicated to excellence.

My proactive search method hones in on in-demand profiles highly desired by most client companies. It allows me to provide Clients with permanent staffing solutions for accounting and financial professionals with backgrounds ranging from staff accountant to CFOs. I also actively recruit local, regional, and even national candidates to ensure I find the candidate profile best suited to your organization's needs.

During the course of recruiting, job candidates are put through a consistent and thorough interview process. This unique method allows me to fully understand the candidate's skill set, reasons for change, and aspirations. Once I have a thorough understanding of each individual, I am able to provide Clients with the ability to meet "finalist" quality candidates. This approach has proven to be crucial to Clients wanting to shorten the hiring time. Being proactive is a key component to my approach, and it works. I consistently generate quality talent for our Clients.

Temporary Placement Search Solutions

Not looking for a permanent staffing solution? That’s okay! I can provide hourly degreed accounting and financial consultants for short and long-range staff augmentation. At NAS, I spend a considerable amount of time understanding the scope of your project in order to find the appropriate talent that meets your needs. These consultants can then provide expertise in accounting, auditing, finance and other systems. What better than a staffing solution tailored to fit your unique needs?

 NAS’ Temp-to-Hire policy provides Clients with the most flexibility in the industry.

Public Accounting Search Solutions (Staffing for Public Accounting)

Over the years, public accounting has come to the forefront as one of the fastest growing professions of the 21st century. Accounting has long been held in high regard, but today there are few professions that offer as much opportunity and prestige as this profession.

NAS is a leader promoting public accounting careers. In fact, one of our founding firm principles comes from the practice of establishing long-term relationships with our Clients. It’s because of these vital relationships I am able to partner with management to provide organizations with optimum staff augmentation at all levels.

At NAS, I never stop looking. The thoroughness of my efforts allows us to tap into the best public accounting talent available. This includes finding ideal candidates at non-client organizations. Once I locate talent, I strive to make our client partners aware of these highly qualified individuals. This communication gives Clients the best ability to attract top level employees to meet the needs of the firm or company. I look forward to showing you the difference between the average search firm versus a firm dedicated to excellence.

 Public Accounting Candidates


Finding the right firm for you can be difficult, and at NAS I recognize the demands of the public accounting professional. With our expertise and experience, I help to guide and shape your career so that you have the tools to reach the pinnacle of your profession. My expertise allows me to represent the top public accounting firms in the country, as well as the local firms you’ve come to know and love.

With my database of candidates, I am able to fill roles ranging from staff level to senior manager in audit, tax, and consulting. I also offer a multitude of career opportunities available at the following firm classifications:

•             Big 4 firms

•             National firms

•             Regional firms

•             Local firms


Whether you are just beginning your career in public accounting, a senior manager looking for a better partnership track, or if you are simply looking for better work-life flexibility, I can deliver you the best opportunities at firms meeting your aspirations.